Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big 3 Bake Sale

fuct: "This bake sale was held for the Big 3 American Automakers (Ford, GM and Chrysler) at the 2008 LA Auto Show. $4 dollars was raised. $2 for Ford, $1 for GM and $1 dollar was donated. The donated dollar was divided evenly between the 3 companies and sent by mail directly to the CEOs. Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, announced if the US government would loan Ford money, he would work for $1 dollar a year. If that’s the case, I have paid for 2 and one third years as this bake sale yielded $2.33 for Ford.

All 3 CEOs announced they would be driving to Washington DC to ask for a 25 billion dollar bailout."

then security showed up...

Big 3 Bake Sale from Donny Miller on Vimeo.

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