Sunday, September 28, 2008

Does Republican Headquarters Want McCain/Palin to Fail?

What might the collective GOP have to gain by losing the Presidential Election in 2009?

It seems as though at every turn in this election cycle the McCain camp has stumbled. Perhaps 'stumbled' is too kind... perhaps tripped and face planted might be more accurate.

Let's see... if the GOP loses control of the executive branch at this juncture they may hope they're no longer responsible for say... the Iraq war, the collapsing economy, the dwindling job market, lost homes, lost lives, the divide between the classes that is starving the middle class, the energy crisis, the poisoning of the planet, etc.

In Python-ian-speak... "RUN AWAY!" to fight another day?

McCain gaffesSarah Palin and yet once again Sarah Palin... 

So I'm John McCain and I've already decided that I'm going to continue my ego driven 'maverick' persona and pick me a female Vice President!

Great! So one of my aides throws down a short list on my desk of all the qualified potential female Republicans in the entire U-nited States of America to choose from.  

But darn it all! The myopic aide hands me the list upside down and I pick the lady at the bottom? 

Ohhh she likes to Kill! Perfect!

I look her up and down on wikipedia (before it gets scrubbed) and the rest is Hose-tory?

Seriously, wtf? How else could you explain shooting your campaign in the foot like that? Unless... unless... it was a self inflicted war wound?

Could all these political missteps add up? Is there some behind-the-scenes group/think-tank lurking about in the shadows nurturing a McCain/Palin failure?

Seriously, like no one guessed the 'liberal media' or any other media source for that matter wouldn't have a fricking field day with Palin?

Passing the worthless buck - a short term strategy?

At least with a Democratic President sitting there to blame for any and all failings that lie ahead, it can only help to obfuscate some of the  more minor/major offenses from the culture of corruption running roughshod over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights over the last eight disastrous Bush years.

This is all certainly going to get worse before it gets better, but it's not really going to get better if we don't face slap the cheats?

This is all certainly going to get worse before it gets better, but it's not really going to get better if we don't bitch slap the cheats?

Q: Are the Dems really going to pursue and follow through investigating and prosecuting all the crimes of the Bush Administration?

A: Probably not

Q: Are they really going to end the war?

A: Probably not

Q: Is the President going to dismantle the multitude of secret bases and others being built in Iraq?

A: What secret bases?

Q: Is the new President going to know everything? Are there new internal revolutionary programs in place to hide power plays?

A: Unknown

Q: What about the
s h a d o w government? What's going to happen to that?

A: What S h a d o w Government?

Q: Is the new President going to pursue a war with Iran?

A: Probably... maybe

In my opinion one thing is for certain:

Senator Barack Obama, if he wins, better fire the head and wannabe head of every position of authority in the United States Government and deep clean this once noble house or we're going to continue to live in National Squaller.

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