Tuesday, April 8, 2008



At approximately 1:30 am April 8th the [4th DEATHSTAR DIGG] submission was pulled mysteriously from all the upcoming sections at 49 diggs... I immediately noticed that the screen count froze at 49 diggs and other counts in the bottom tabs (off by 2) indicated the post had 51 Diggs. This leads me to speculate there has been a limiter set between those number of diggs which then auto buries the submission upon reaching that amount either overtly at a flat rate or by X amount of diggs times X amount of accumulated time.

After a few minutes the digg count resumed forward but by then the submission had indeed disappeared off of all the upcoming pages in every category thereby indicating that indeed it was during this freeze juncture the removal and transition from active to non active in the upcoming section must have taken place.

Click on Screen Shot of Frozen digg counts for larger image.
Note the differing digg counts upper left and lower right

With the addition of this current one (Which some digg trolls have game played) "Warning: The Content in this Article May be Inaccurate - Readers have reported that this story contains information that may not be accurate." (Apparently they didn't realize it was already long gone out of the upcoming pages but being the silly people that they are they pressed onward to collectively label it as "inaccurate". A hollow victory at best.

Four back to back posts have been surreptitiously removed by Darth Digg and his invisible techno-minions

To reiterate: I'm not going to stop posting these until you stop removing them and you leave it to the community to decide whether or not they stand or fall on their own merits.

Why someone or some software continues to intercede is puzzling and unnecessary and yet it continues with no explanation... therefore... I will continue to protest what I see as blatant censorship that flies in the face of what I understood this site was about. A self governing membership that collectively knows how to take care of itself.

History thus far:

First... this post mysteriously vanished from the boards

Second... this submission addressing the previous missing submission mysteriously vanishes... with no visible buries according to the somewhat semi-accurate digg bury recorder

Third this post
addressing the previous missing submission's submission disappears from boards

Fourth post disappears ar 1:30 am pacific time in between 49 and 51 diggs

They move through the darkness of back channels and into obscurity... lobotomized to reside useless on the members individual home page until their time expires.

Battle Stations

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