Monday, February 18, 2008

Bush Judicial Nominee Federal Judge Robert Somma Arrested for DUI in fishnet hose

Our Morals are safe yet once again thanks to team Bush.


— Okay, this is one of those people he's been threatening recess appointments for because they are going to protect our moral values. Apparently, Federal Judge Robert Somma, rear-ended another motorist in his Mercedes-Benz after tying one on in a local gay bar. He had difficulty locating his drivers license in his purse.

Somma’s Mercedes-Benz E320 sedan hit a pick-up truck from behind about 11:29 p.m. on Feb. 6, the police report said. No one was hurt.

Somma, who lives in Newbury, Mass., fumbled in his purse for his driver’s license before handing it to the officer who later arrested him, the police report shows.

“He had a difficult time locating his license in his purse. He passed over it multiple times before removing it,” officer Paul J. Thompson wrote in his report.

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