Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Writer's Strike Experiences: Days 1 and 2 on the Picket Lines

Special Trigger Digest contributer and WGWw member/writer on strike, writing here under the pseudonym Albert Vogler, brings you news from the picket lines


Not sure how long I'm going to keep this up, but here's a little photo journal of my experiences on the picket line.

On the first day, I worked the morning shift at CBS, which is walking distance from my apartment. Somewhere inside this compound, pale faced executives are feasting on caviar and calf brains as they plot ways to enslave our children and break down our homes for kindling.

The members who are picketing are spread around a dozen locations, which means there are only a hundred or so at a given spot.

Picketing consists of walking back and forth in front of the gates - though we had to step aside to let cars on and off the lot, which kind of took the teeth out. Most drivers were friendly. A few openly hostile. This strike is putting crew and assistants out of work.

Weird people show up and give us things. This guy handed out bottles of water after singing along to Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone." (Get it? Since you've been gone? Get it?) He's singing in the picture.

Notice how everyone around him is avoiding eye contact and laughing uncomfortably.

At the end of the shift I was put on scab watch. Four of us stood around a back gate with instructions to photograph anyone who drove onto the lot who might be a scab writer. How one instantly identifies a scab writer, I cannot say. But no matter; in the two hours I was there, not one car passed.

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