Sunday, October 14, 2007

PR MINDER - Royal Censor for Star, King or Queen

What are PR Minders? Where do they come from? I pondered these questions as I began my quest to discover and understand the nature of people that would willingly protect the private parts and or dalliances of King, CEO, Politician and Celebrity.

Although far more sophisticated today; I assumed PR Minders were nothing new (to my surprise at the time of this writing I could not find a substantial straightforward def. from wikipedia or any of my other regular sources for "PR Minder")

IMO they probably trend back to ancient times when the Rich, Royal or Rasputin types or whoever just needed to get the f*ck out of Dodge -- so they'd stuff their dim witted servant or trained phony counterpart into a horse drawn carriage, locomotive or automobile and let them draw the fire and get the poison in the ear visa vis the conspiratorial plotter type bad guys.

My first Google search of PR Minders led me here:

disturbingly next we jump back in time to:

Media: I was Jacko's PR minder

oh here's a scary one in the category from the Union of Concerned Scientists worthy of an Orwellian golden cluster f*ck award

telling trends

ohh ohh Mr. Peabody's Way Back Guts of a New Machine 2003 to New York Times Archive - Steve Jobs and the magical ipod revolution

Gosh the deeper you dig 'PR Minder' morphs into 'PR fixer' - Baby steps closer to the truth?

Uh oh --- Cherie Blair's PR Minder has to step in and cut an interview short - a telling example of the PR Minders duty

According to one witness of the interview, Mrs Blair mentioned her children as part of an answer to a question about how she would be judged in the future.

Taking that as a cue, presenter Hannah Stewart-Jones mentioned 18-year-old Nicky and his university education.

At that point, Mrs Blair's PR minder immediately stepped in to stop the interview, explaining that such a line of questioning would have put the Blair's' son at risk.

The observer said Mrs Blair was apparently happy to answer other questions but her PR officer was adamant the conversation must end there.",,1323281,00.html

Ohhhhhh Martha Stewart - Just the mention of her name makes me wanna hop in the car and head to nearest K mart to buy curtains and bath towels

What a great example of a 'hands full' PR Minder situ

Martha Inc.: The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

But still... even after all this titillating research I have yet to find the definitive answer to my questions?

What are PR Minders? Where do they come from?

Perhaps I should just try the yellow pages?

Nothing. Hmmm... egad dare I try yahoo search?

ahhhh the search term "hire pr minder" got me here to this guy that looks like my old High School Vice Principal:

Screw it! I give up

I don't think PR Minders exist at all

1. Because I can't find a definitive answer to what they're really about and how they achieve the title


2. Because we're not supposed to know they exist anyway... right?

Cuz without them all of our favorite people in the world wouldn't look perfect... we can't have that.

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