Thursday, October 25, 2007

hey you? You can't have any more friends at digg :(

I can't have any more friends :(

"They" told me so

Apparently one thousand and one friends is one too many..? but... but... my Grand-mama always said to me, "Jimmy? Jimmy my boy... you can never have enough friends..." Of course my name isn't Jimmy but that's not the point... I'm kinda glad now she's in heaven with her poodles and the angels and not here to see this... this... ugly friend-digg-gulag -- even the Google ads seemingly taunt me:

"Gifts for friends" indeed

oh sure... happy birthday Judy9000 -- btw I have to dump you as a friend

Hey great article about "blow up dolls that cheat on you", skipperdoodle76 -- oh btw our friendship is now TERMINATED

So now I have the ugly task of removing some friends :(

That's not gunna be easy... obviously some feelings are going to be hurt :(

Being forced to choose... it's... it's... heart wrenching... like if two of my digg friends were hanging over a cliff which one would I save..? only now it's more like a thousand.

Oh for the love of all that is diggholy whyyyyyyyyyyy? WHY DIGG WHY!!!!!!!

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  1. Mrs. Dogood, I am with you on this, It's a is a ridiculous rule. If Digg allows you to make friends with an unlimited amount of people at a time (remember when they capped it at 4 every 15-20 minutes),they encourage "friends" and the social nature of the site. I don't understand the limitation either. Policy marked as lame!

  2. I get roughly 10-15 friend requests a day since the last major site overhaul was implemented at digg. I don't mind adding people on as it gives them a slightly increased chance for visibility especially when they are first starting out at digg. The people that will be active or inactive usually sort themselves out in time. If people don't stay active I'm going to start eliminating them. But yeah putting limitations for friend making on a 'social' website seems kinda flawed - maybe they're doing it to try and reign in the spam - who knows.

  3. 1000 seems like a pretty fair limit to me. Heck, if I were running Digg I'd have capped it at 100. I do think it's not fair for them to state this explicitly, though. Part of participating in any community is the community making its rules known.

    Now if you can remember all of your 1000 friends, you ought to join NASA or the FBI. I'm sure they could use someone with that kind of memory capacity.