Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Non-abductees Anonymous" A Short Film

Synopsis: A support group for people who have NEVER been abducted by aliens. Forlorn and rejected, they go to extremes trying to get the attention of those snobby extraterrestrials.

Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Format: 16mm film
Film Style: Color
Length: 4:14

Non-Abductees Anonymous

Director: Philip Powell

Writers: Philip Powell, James McKeny

Producer: Leading Edge, INC.

Director of Photography D A Oldis


Tom Barker...Tom
Doc Clay...Warren
Carmen Dubnik...Carmen
Chad Edwards...Chad
Sarah Kelly...Betty
Jim McKeny...Reginald
Steve Moore...Ivan
Chris Patrick...Ted
Philip Powell...Herb
Roberta Powell...Joyce
Connie Summers...Tina
Patricia Wells...Mildred

Production Notes: I knew I was an independent filmmaker when I was begging a dairy farmer to let me dress up two guys in cow costumes and let me chase his cows around till they ran past them. He was very proud of his cows, let me tell you. Have you ever tried forcing a cow to go ANYWHERE?!! Its Nuts. The worst shot of the whole shoot. Non-Abductees has been in about 30 film festivals worldwide, and won several awards along the way. Note - The end credits were not included because I did a really fast scroll and the compression tore them it made it shorter, which makes everybody happy.

Non-Abductees Anonymous -

Philip Powell Bio

Proving that I have to suffer for my craft, I direct television commercials. I have been directing short films and theatre for nearly 10 years and I LOVE it because it involves my three favorite things...bossing people around, demeaning actors and lying about things in my biography. In this biography I was torn between lying about my contributions to the Human Genome Project OR being a missionary to Brazilian lepers, but in the end decided on recently being cast as the lead in the national touring production of “Lord of the Dance”. I can of course provide you with truthful information…but it's considerably less interesting. Non-Abductees Anonymous grew out of my fascination with human insecurities. It's been in about 30 film festivals and won several awards along the way. I hope you find the film funnier than this bio.

Philip with Actor Kevin Spacey
and other Triggerstreet Finalists
at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival

click pic for larger view

Dos Gringos Tribeca Photojournal

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