Saturday, September 22, 2007

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is an unacceptable risk

Can you Hack it - Documentary

A rendering of Adrian Lamo by AAlib.

Can You Hack It, a documentary covering Adrian Lamo's life and times, is slated for release under the care of Trigger Street Productions.

Directed by Sam Bozzo, it features Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak, TechTV personality Leo Laporte, and narration by actor Kevin Spacey. The film explores the practical and ethical themes of modern computer hacking, intertwining Lamo's story with those of controversial figures throughout history.

The day filming for Adrian Lamo's role began, the FBI attempted to execute an arrest warrant on him, visiting the wrong address. Filming continued during Lamo's week-long negotiations with the FBI, up to the moment he walked into the federal courthouse in Sacramento to surrender to US Marshals.

Adrian Lamo Talks with Leo Laporte and Kevin Before Arrest

Lamo is featured in a cover story by SF Weekly

Can You Hack It explores the origin of true hackers vs. today's computer criminals by following the adventures of Adrian Lamo and other well-intentioned hackers, who found security holes and pointed them out so they might be fixed, only to eventually be arrested. Commonly thought of as computer criminals and vandals, a true hacker is an innovative thinker able to "hack" himself out of a given problem or situation, whether it be computer related or not. Historically, hackers have accounted for mankind's greatest inventions and discoveries and yet have repeatedly been persecuted for their new ideas by the powerful and fearful. Experts on cyber-terrorism also examine our societal view of the hacker and debate as to whether or not we should recruit and utilize the skills of the helpful hackers to fight future cyber-wars, instead of continuing to punish what we do not understand. Written by Writer/Director Sam Bozzo


Adrian Lamo ... Himself (also archive footage)
Kevin Spacey ... Narrator (voice)
Leo Laporte ... Himself (also archive footage)
Steve Wozniak ... Himself
Peter Shipley ... Himself
Kevin Rose ... Himself (also archive footage)
Dorothy Dennings ... Herself
Craig Calef ... Himself
Robert Lyttle ... Himself
John Draper ... Himself
Richard Feynman ... Himself (archive footage)
John Arquilla ... Himself
Kevin Lee Poulsen ... Himself/Bystander
Mario Lamo ... Himself (scenes deleted)
Tod Pagle ... Himself/Bystander (scenes deleted)
other cast:
Ravi V. Prasad ... Himself
Ira Wing ... Himself (scenes deleted)
Frank Harris ... Himself
Marcus Ranum ... Himself
Henry Hawkins ... Himself, Defense Investigator

Filming Locations
Los Angeles, California, USA

New York, USA

Sacramento, California, USA

San Diego, California, USA

Adrian Lamo (left) with contemporaries Kevin Mitnick (center) and Kevin Poulsen.

Adrian Lamo (left) with contemporaries Kevin Mitnick (center) and Kevin Poulsen.

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